Vlog #3

Hi Friends!

I have some fun new products to share with you! Hope you enjoy!

Side note: Yes I say “dessert” when in fact it is “desert” – should probably go back to Grade 3  . . .  what I’m saying in that section of the video doesn’t make much sense so lets pretend the product is called “dessert essence”. (It’ll make sense when you watch it . . . if you get that far!)




  1. We need to go food shopping when I get home – I now officially need to try all of these :)

    Where did you find the coconut wraps?


  2. Coconut wraps, oh my gosh I need to find those. They sound so amazing! I really want to try the new sun warrior blend, I love the original, but I have so much brown rice protein I think I should branch out a bit.

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