Vlog #4 May Cause Miracles

Hi Beauty Queens & Kings!

Happy 2013! Enjoy my Vlog!

Edit: Please replace the word “joy” with “love” – I’m not sure why I was saying “joy”, I really meant “love” :)

Email at balanceisbeauty@rogers.com if you would be interested in starting up a book club or conversation (either online or in person) about either “May Cause Miracles” or “A Course in Miracles”.

Much Love!




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    Remember when I snuck one of Gabby’s books into your bday gift a couple of years ago? I felt a pull to do so :) I am loving May Cause Miracles too! I love your goal to be kind to yourself – so so important. Let’s get together soon and be kind with Champagne!!

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    I think it’s a great idea to not set goals. I agree, goals are great but not if you end up feeling bad about yourself. I’m the same way. One resolution and it’s not some crazy unattainable one. You are going to be amazing this year. If you ever need an ear, I’m always here! You deserve all the kindness in the world, especially for yourself. You beautiful, smart, and a wonderful person all around! I can’t wait to start reading May Cause Miracles! I love all her other books so much! xoxo PS I love your jacket.

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    You can do! I did it last year before going to Bermuda and lost 10 ponuds. Try chewing gum if you feel the urge to chew. I’m doing to do it next week again before going to Bahamas end of June but . right after stuffing my face for Mothers day. SInce the weather is getting nicer going to take my behind to the track.

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