What If . . .

I have always wanted all the answers.

Wanted that crystal ball to appear . . .

So that I could look into the future . . .

To know that I’ll be safe.

Taken care of.


I want that certainty . . .

That everything is going to be ok.

Maybe it’s because I don’t have enough trust in myself.

Maybe it’s because I’ve always thought I had to look to someone else to find that kind of comfort.

What if . . .

I trust that everything will work out the way that it should.

What if . . .

Instead of worrying about the future I live for each moment and cherish the present.

What if . . .

I make mistakes, trip and fall and learn to pick myself up.

What if . . .

I become o.k. living with uncertainty and not having all the answers.

What if . . .

I give myself enough love to feel safe and taken care of.

What if . . .

I just stop worrying and start living.

I was reminded by a lovely lady, of something so simple, yet powerful.

. Life is Beautiful .

Through all of the uncertainty,





anxiety . . .

. Life is Beautiful .

No more “What If’s”  . . .  Today they become my reality.




  1. I love this and you so much.

  2. Nicely said and trust everything within yourself. You’re a smart, beautiful young lady and you have so much going for you.


    – Amanda

  3. I am right there with ya on no more “what if” I use that way to much!

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