I am

I am . . .

A daughter;

A sister;

A friend;

An introvert;



A dreamer;

A believer in fairy tales;

Learning to love myself;


A work in progress.

I am . . .

Searching for the beauty in each day and each moment.

Searching for the joy that comes from simply breathing.

Searching for inner peace, for trusting that I am exactly where I am meant to be.

I think it’s so easy to get caught up in life. Get caught up in what we think we ought to be doing. In being the person that others want or expect us to be. We get caught up in wanting more, being more. We rush through life without appreciating what it really has to offer.

I want to S.L.O.W. down.

. . . breathe in the fresh air

. . . smell the flowers

. . . find the beauty in the smallest things

. . . dance around in my condo every.single.day

. . . sing like a rock star in the shower and car

. . . be kind to strangers

. . . hug my friends and family more

. . . be of service to others.

In an attempt to slow down and appreciate my surroundings, I’d like to use my blog as a way to capture every day beauty. Each day I’ll be posting a picture/image/video of beauty I have found during that day. This collection of images will serve as a great reminder to me of how truly beautiful life is. Please join me if you feel this will help you slow down and enjoy the beauty all around you.




  1. mom says

    Enjoy each moment … you are a very special daughter whom I am more proud of each passing day. Take the time ….. time is precious xoxo

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